MR Frogman Dive Center



Introduction dive

with no matter about your skills or abilities in the water we’ll be with you with all the specifics instructions about scuba diving besides that you will be with the instructor all the time, and Last but not least to make sure that you’ll keep some memories from this experience you’ll get a gorgeous under water pictures .

Certified scuba dive

with different choices of diving sites in Aqaba gulf with magnificent marine life like “ Japanese gardens,rainbow reef ,power station,etc” you’ll have a great chance to see spectacular views, and colorful , starting with 6 meters till more than 30 meters, then you will be able to find one of the most beautiful place which is cedar pride “ship wreck“ this ship has been sinked before 37 years ,different depths spots starting with 10-25 meters with length of 75 meters (246feet) it’s something really impressive and unique.


Diving courses

if you’re interested and looking to start your diving career Aqaba will be great to start and Mr frogman diving center will put it between your hand , with all different levels besides the specialty diving courses .

Snorkeling trip

to be easy for all people and for your family and kids we provide snorkeling trip in the same way we provide boat trips to chill and enjoy the time together.


Water activitie

there’s a many different options for water activities that we could provide it with you,
also discuss with you what you would prefer to do like:
“Jet Skiing, parasailing, Flyboard, Banana Boat, etc .


Dive Sites

Privileged locations rich in wealth Aquatic flora and fauna to create memorable memories.